International Conference on Gen - Next Hospitality (17th & 18th January 2020) (Sponsored by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India (click here for detailed notification) -- 150 YEARS OF CELEBRATING THE MAHATMA --

Welcome to IHM Bhopal

Central India's leading government hospitality institute, fabricating up-and-coming professionals for the hospitality sector since the year 1986. With a plethora of opportunities on offer, our students are inclined to excel and outperform the crowd.

So, whether you are a prospective student or currently studying, feel free explore our website and understand what we do and why are we an esteemed Institute in the hospitality sphere.

Principal's Message

Welcome to IHM Bhopal!

We take great pride in our Institute and our students. Our strategic investments have been focused on the success and future of our students. From our expert faculty to excellent facilities, our priority is to optimize our students' development and employability.

-Anand Kumar Singh

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